Here's a few of my experimentations, hope you like them. Any criticism is welcome, as long as it's constructive, of course:

Crab Nebula:


The Electric Monk:


Gaia (a really old one):


Beskraj (translates into Infinity, it was meant to be a full song with lyrics, but I never got around to that so it has remained an instrumental, also my longest song todate):


Glimpse (my best IMO, and definitely has the best sound quality since I had better gear/software for recording it):


As I said, I'm open to all kinds of criticism and advice as long as it's constructive. Please refrain from comments such as "OMG U SUCK" or something like that.
Sweeeeet ! Everything here is pretty good, especially ''The Electric Monk''.

Sorry if it's not clear, I'm french and doesn't speak english well. Anyway :

The only thing I didn't liked here was the drums ; felt too empty at some places. Other than that, good job.

You make some really nice artwork, by the way. ^^