Dear gear building forum.

Ive never come in this forum before, so hey everyone.

Heres my problem. My bass amp is cutting out on me. The speakers work fine, as does the amp, and its not a clipping/gain related problem. What happens is, Ill be playing, and then all of a sudden, the amp faintly clicks (the same click I hear when the amp first powers up). After this click, no more bass sound. Then I wait a couple seconds without playing, and it clicks back on. The amp then will play another split second of the note before clicking back off

So, my line of thought is that theres a switch that flips on during over heating to prevent the amp from damaging itself, and this switch got fried or damaged and is now freaking out.

Do you guys know of any solutions?

EDIT: So all this happened at my drummers house (its happened at 2 consecutive practices) and now Im at my house, and the amp is playing fine. I also brought it to a business party gig and there were no problems. Could it be that my amp doesnt like my drummers basement?
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