I'm using a lexicon lambda interface with cubase LE 4. I'm trying to use Amplitube Metal to track guitars, but when I activate the plugin the audio comes in pretty scratchy, which is a problem because it picks up in the track. I've tried different cables and playing around with the knobs, but nothing seems to help. I have little to no latency. I have a Toshiba Satellite A205 laptop with 2 gigs of RAM and Vista 32 bit. Do I need to upgrade the sound card? Any fixes for the scratchiness? It's just scratches every now and again, but it is noticeable. Could i take it out with an EQ?

I'm using the ASIO drivers. Any help at all would be appreciated!

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Sounds like you should try adjusting your buffers. If the laptop has a 5400rpm drive, it may also be slowing things down. Laptops generally are cruddy for recording...

Has a section on buffers and the issues you have but I forget what section it's in so you'll have to look around for it a bit.