Picked this baby up thanks to you guys and love it to death! Have been using my DIST pedal with it on the clean channel amazing the dist tones you can get out of this pedal. Almost not using the overdrive channel on the amp. I need a pedal to get into the metal tones like BFMV and Linkin Park type. Was hoping the amp could get that dirty but it just cant. Have looked at the dist x for it and the bad monkey. Any other suggestions?

This is my first tube amp and Is it common to just use the clean channel with pedals? I have only had modeling amps before this. If I use the overdrive channel with the dist it really doesnt add much but seems to be a bit more versitile in the tone u want on the pedal still playing around with stuff!
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You do realize it's completely pointless to use the Blackstar pedals with the amps, as the amps' distortion is based somewhat on the pedal's circuit?

Get a Bad Monkey and boost the amp's distortion with it. I'm very sure the amp has more than enough distortion, you're just used to using too much gain. Your favorite artists probably use less gain than you think.
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No I didnt realize that or I wouldnt have bought it haha! So the Bad monkey will just give me some more distortion.

Any other suggestions? So would the Dist X also be a waste of money? Or a Blackstar Drive pedal?
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yes waste of money.
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So all I need is the Bad Monkey? I have some money since Im returning this HT DIST. Anything else I should pickup.
Bump? Is the bad monkey the winner here? I have looked at a BOSS super overdrive aswell. Or the TS9? Since I am returning a 200 dollar pedal is there a high end drive pedal I should look at other than the Bad Monkey or Ill just order it. I get into some heavy stuff like Lordi and Rammstein will the monkey drive all that?
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You put the Monkey in front of your drive channel, set the level/volume to 10 and gain to 0. Leave the BM's low and high knobs flat. It should boost your amp's gain by a good amount. Mine certainly does.
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What the hell is a G&L.

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You got it ordering it now! Any other pedals you think are good to have around just for basic use?
A delay pedal is always nice for solos or if you just want to add some ambience to your sound... the Electro-Harmonix Memory Boy is pretty good, and less than $100 new, but if you're willing to spend a bit more you could get the Hardwire DL-8 or the Tech 21 Boost DLA instead.
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What the hell is a G&L.

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Gay & Lesbian I think, the box smelled funny
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Honestly you shouldn't need to boost that amp for Linkin Park or BFMV tones. They don't use as much distortion as you might think I reckon an EQ might be better, and if you still think it needs boosting after that get a HardWire OD

A lot of modern tones aren't about how much gain is used, but more how it is used and EQ'd
Right on thanks for the help! So I should be set for metal with the BM and the Delay looks like a sick pedal!
Ya you recommended the Hardwire OD if the BM didnt have enough would I use them together or separate. Really like the hardwire TL2 pedal sounds awesome!
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yeah use the amp's dist channel and the OD pedal to boost it. Set the pedal's gain really low like 0-1. It's will tighten up the amp's dist.

but really, the ht-40 should be able to get metal tones by itself.
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I am using a Gibby V and cant get near that with mine. Short of going like drop C. Kinda looking for a Rectifier type sound. It can get gritty with lower tunings but if you want a little shred at a standard tuning its not gonna happen.

I hadn't heard of Hardwire till you mentioned it really like their pedal line up.
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well since u just bought the amp, u might have to wait for the tubes and speaker to break in properly.

If ur just gonna use the Digitech hardwire tl-2 on the amp's clean channel, that defeats the tube amp's purpose. U might aswell just get a Fender frontman and use the distortion pedal on the clean channel. Just use the overdrive pedal on top of the ht-40's dist channel to get more gain.
Then I will probably pick up the hardwire OD pedal for that! How long does it take to break in the tubs on an amp?
Great suggestions got a hardwire delay looper and overdrive having to much fun now!