Does anyone have any advice or websites to help me do special effects for a horror film me and some friends are filming?
I have already figured out fake blood and stuff, just wanted to see what y'all came up with,
There's loads of tutorials out there, what sort of non-linear editing software are you using?
Adobe After Effects usually covers any type of special effects you would want to do in a movie. Its probably one of the best editing softwares, but it takes time to learn. Its worth it though.
Paint a few paper plates with red and brown and things of the like and stick em together. Then wrap with ceram wrap and douse with blood and wear it under the shirt. Then get raw meat and place it on top. It looks great on film when a zombie comes up and tears out your innards...

All I've ever done are zombie ones, So it all comes back to that.
wide-angle lenses. I don't know what they do, but it sounds like a good idea.
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For gunshots and explosions Detonation Films has the best free effects available.
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