instead of buying emgs for my crappy dean mlx i am just going to buy a new guitar and i was wanting your thoughts on the esp ltd ex-400,I can get it for about 400$.so is this a good guitar and a good price for it?

instead of starting another thread i will just ask this here also.
i am thinking about selling my laney gh50l(it is in good condition and everything works fine)and i was wanting to know how much i should sell it for.The only one on ebay it priced at 599$.
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Why are you selling your Laney? What styles of music do you play?

As far as guitars go, what are you looking for in a new guitar? Floyd Rose or fixed bridge? Any preference for # of frets/scale length?
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i am selling the laney because i dont need a half stack.when i do play gigs it is just for friends parties and they are small so i would like to just have a nice combo amp to bring instead of having to haul the head and cab.

i play metal(amon marth,dethklok).but i still like to get a nice clean.

i dont really care to have a floyd rose and i aint picky when it comes to the bridge area.The guitar i am playing now has the same style bridge as this one has and i like it pretty good.

no preference