Ive decided to sell all my recording gear to so i can devote more funds towards other hobbies, im selling a presonus inspire 1394 firewire interface, Audio-technica At3035 large diaphram microphone, various cables included like firewire, xlr, etc. If you want more detailed information, or pictures, just pm me. make me an offer on price. i originally paid about 30 for all these things about a year ago, gotten very good sounding results, especially considering it only cost 300. The interface is very good, I plug my acoustic-electric straight in to it, and it sounds amazing. again, just pm me for more details if your interested, make me an offer.
Would you do 60 quid and the following :

Zoom 707 pedal
pc games: fall out 3, call of duty WaW, assasins creed, reident evil 5