crit 4 crit.

Some terrestrial
lips, mine and haunting.
Plague lacing tooths
previously indentured but freed.
Now a mouth never using
the language of love
or of slavery.

Bothered before; but presently
past the bite of someone else's
damaged grin. moving further;

my tongue rests content now,
tolling in the sun; hard laborious movements
I rest in matted hay, in aching barns-
or - in the pretense of the horizon's grin,
just for her countenance curving upwards,
little pressed pretty features, perfectly
aware of who's staring, of
who's smiling.
Found it a bit boring and hard to concentrate on if I'm honest.

Not like your other stuff I've read.

Prefer your prose. Sorry for the quick half assed comment.
I had to re-read the first few lines a couple of times to get a clear picture of what you were saying, but I liked it.

I'd use "teeth" rather than "tooths" - I think it sounds similar enough to "freed" for the lines to flow better.

Second stanza, I really like, the "moving on" idea.

Last stanza, I think the description of the horizon is a bit too wordy, but I like what you're saying. The last part, from "perfectly aware..." on is excellent, good ending.