Yeah, you've all seen this thread at least 4 or 5 times today, but another person needs some suggestions on a new amp to get.

I was thinking of getting a tube amp so I'd be able to play gigs when the time came, but I've heard that they have to be cranked to sound their best, and since most of what I do is practice and record, I didn't figure that'd be the best choice, but I want an amp that actually sounds good.

Preferably, the amp would be good at doing these things:

Good Cleans and reacts well to pedal distortion (I use an Electro Harmonix metal muff for distortion and a Way Huge Swollen Pickle Jumbo Fuzz for fuzz distortion)

Loud enough to play small gigs

Good sound, even at quieter volumes.

I play mostly Stoner Metal, but I also experiment and never limit myself, which can be frustrating when searching for something that can deliver the sounds I want. My budget would be somewhere between 400 and 600, I suppose. Any suggestions?
Maybe a smaller fender? You could use your pedals to get metal sounds and you would be able to play almost anything with the right pedals.
just get a lower watt tube amp if you want to play smaller gigs, so even if its cranked it sounds good and its not that loud.
For $600 You can get a Peavey 6505+ 60 Watt 1x12 All Tube Combo brand new. Which is a great price for the amp if you ask me. This amp is pretty much made for Metal, would be perfect for your stoner metal. 60 Watts all tube is loud, easily loud enough to gig with, and still be able to play at home with.
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Get what sounds best on stage, it doesn't matter what it sounds like when you're on your own. Don't sacrifice your stage sound for your own self-indulgence. The 6505+ does sound like the best option for you. Stoner Metal at low volume does not compute.
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