in reply to your post with the lyrics of eminem and rihanna. no i would not stand and watch you burn (dunno what kinda pervert would get satisfaction out of that) i'd run for the nearst fire extinguisher or in the event it was a petrol or diesel fueled fire i'd run to the nearest sand bucket to put out he fire then call an ambulance. and nope you wouldnt have to enjoy my lies because to you baby i speak only whats in my heart and i swear that not a day will go by i dont profess my love from the highest roof or the deepest valley and forever and always be confident in the knowledge your firmly nestled in me heart. I LOVE YOU (SORRY FOR TYPING ERRORS I'M A CRAP TYYPER)

I found that on facebook. Can this guy get any GAYER?! Theyve been going out like 2 months haha!