Hi, this is the first time I've posted on the forum, and sorry if I've posted in the wrong section. The question I want to ask, may seem a silly one as I cant seem to find anyone else asking it on this forum or when searching the web!!

I'm trying to learn a song which needs a finger picking style, however the tab just shows the chords ie: G, D, C, Em. Which I understand from a strumming point of view but I have no idea what strings I'm suppose to be playing with a finger picking style. Is this something I need to work out for myself or is there some kind of universal way of playing the strings in a certain order?? hope it makes sense what I am trying to say!!!

thanks for your time

Hi thanks for the quick reply, the song is unlikely to be widely known.It's an Irish folk song called "The town I loved so well" and I have the chords for the song in a book at home and it says to finger pick.....the tab is also here too. I can strum the song but it doesn't sound nowhere near as good, as it's supposed to be finger picked.


thanks again
There is no universal way...If only chords are giving you'll probably just have to either listen to a recording or play your own patterns.

You could do something more complex like the above link or listen to a recording (which has a simpler approach). A plus is that these chords are voiced in such a way that the higher the notes go the higher the string you pick, and vice versa (which isn't always the case with some voicing’s) so you can figure out the general pattern and then match up the notes if you want an exact transcription.
Thanks for the advice guys. I'll give the youtube video a watch when I get home as my computer at work has blocked youtube!!

I'll give it a go over the next few days and see what i can come up with

I'll let you know if it's helped

Cheers Mike