After much testing and discussion on the net I'm swapping the emgs in my ltd-ec1000 for the Seymour Duncan jb and 59 combo. Anyone gone through this? Probably won't get the guitar back for a couple days.
What are you asking? I've never replaced pups before, but I've heard about grounding problems when switching from actives to passives
all I gotta say....good job getting good tone! lol you can replace all the electronics...but it's pretty easy...I replaced all my pickups, and i redid a guitar that had EMGs, it was pretty easy.
I was asking if anyone had done this before and what were they're thoughts.
I did once on my Esp...Best thing I ever did. Dont have it anymore I sold it.But now I have emgs in my 7 string......I cant decide if to change them or not.....
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u gotta change all the electronics, my freind recently took out the emgs in his esp ec II and put in a seymour duncan jb/jazz like i told him
My schecter had the passive version of an 81/85 set. And I hated them. I hate all EMG pickups. I got a set of SD distortion pickups and a coil tap on the volume pot and it is awesome. Worth the 3 days without my baby.
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I can't quite tell what you are asking but if you are asking is this a good switch for your tone it is all your personal preference.

If you are asking if it is hard to switch them out the answer is no. The first work i did to a guitar was switching my pickups from the stock Ibanez passives to SD Blackouts (active pups). As long as you are confident with a soldering iron it is really easy. Just make sure you switch out the pots.

Edit: and i apologize in advance to the guitar techs out there but don't pay to have them switched out. You can save a bunch of money by doing it yourself and you will learn a thing or two in the process. I'm not sure how much it costs to have it done by a tech but i am sure it is more expensive than a soldering iron.
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