This may be picky.. But I want these gauge strings..


(not sure about the A and D string)

Basicly im happy with using 11's. But I find the bottom strings to thin, so ive used skinny top heavy bottom ernie balls, but the bottom strings are too thick! and the top are too thin.
D'addario do, 11,14,18,30,42,52 - which may have to do, but i would like the bottom strings down 2 from that.

Any company that do these?
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I just did a search and i found these:

DR Tite Fit Extra-Heavy 11 14 18 28 38 50

which is really close to what youre looking for.
Look into D'Addario EXL115s (11 14 18 28 38 49). I use them on my Strat and they're pretty close to what you want. Plus they do a fairly wide range of tunings well IMO.
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