im looking to buy some studio monitors. i play classic rock, hard rock, metal and blues. looking to spend about 100$. i will be plugging them into my blackstar ht5.

anybody have advice on which ones to get?
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skullcandys r epic. i hav the fmj buds and they sound amazing...

No. They look cool but they do alot of shit to your sound, which is not what the OP wants.

You're not going to find very high quality headphones on your budget, OP, but I'd recommend the Sennheiser HD280s.
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In my opinion, all headphones sound terrible when plugged into a guitar amp/bass amp/preamp/digital modeler/whatever; I've just never gotten a sound I was even remotely happy with out of them.

I love the HD280's for monitoring, though, lovely reproduction. Although they're surprisingly poorly made, especially for senheisser; after 3 years they still sound beautiful, but after 1 the top padding came off, and the foam around the ears has nearly completely come off, somewhat limiting their usefulness...
If you can stretch to $120 I would recommend Ultrasone DJ1s. I've got a pair and am thoroughly satisfied with the sound quality and isolation on them. They're up on ebay right now for around there.
I'm partial to the good AKG cans but they'd be a tad expensive for you I think.
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i own multiple pairs and everyone who comes over to record likes them

These hurt my head when I'm wearing glasses. They're very tight headphones. I'm actually using little Sony Buds right now, MDR-EX300. I got them at the outlet store refurbished so they were only $40 and I mixed my latest session on them and they sound FANTASTIC, and relatively flat when compared to my monitors.
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some of you guys are saying i might need to spend a little more to get really good ones. how much more? i might be willing to spend 125 - 150ish.

whats a better brand? sennheiser or akg?
Prs se Holcomb is the answer
I say screw Sennheiser and get the Sony MDR V6. They have the flatest frequency response curve without paying big bucks for super professional cans. They are very articulate and are the industry standard for studio headphones.