I was browsing youtube an hour or so, when I came across this old video that even as a little kid I loved;


The old Jibjab This Land parody. After watching it and laughing my ass off once more, I began wondering; what happened in six years that made us go from this coming out and everybody both left and right laughing like mad at our guy and the other guy, to this state where politicians will completely go back on their word on both ends just to rally their base?


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Holy shit I haven't seen that video in so long


Oh the memories.
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The war and the recession. It's not like we were never like this. Most of the times when we have war there are increased tension between political parties/ideologies.
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To the vid.
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oh my god, what the hell is this?!
I forgot about this.
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people back then didn't make fun of everyone. JibJab did, thats about it.
no sir away a papaya war is on
Things were just as contentious in 2004. Probably more so. Remember those b.s. Swift Boat ads that impugned Kerry's war record and likely cost him the election?
I don't understand the question. I don't think politics was any more honest a game six years ago, if that's what yr asking.
Well Will.I.Am told everyone to Rock the Vote or Die or some shit like that, then everyone came out and voted. Unfortunately, MORE votes doesn't mean SMARTER votes.
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Oh the good ol' days, when we all had a touch of fun with politics, and all we had to worry about was zombie apocalypse...
anyone who was on UG arguing around the time of that video knows that nothing was different back then.
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That's awfully naive, necrosis. Politicians have been as they are since before Mark Anthony gave Ceasar a pat on the back with a knife.

Actually, Mark Antony was Caesar's bro. Brutus & Cassius patted him on the back with a knife.