Can anyone help me out with the make or possible mode of this older guitar? Looks like a harmony sort of but I can't really tell and i'm not too familiar with these older, rare guitars. These attached pics are all i have. Any help would be great.
It's really hard to tell with a blank headstock. Probly an old cheap Fender knock off. If it were really rare and worth a ton of money, it would most likely say Fender on it. (Or some other well known maker) Looks cool though
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Could you possibly post bigger pics? Its hard to tell when they are that small.

I have a guitar with a similar headstock from like the 60's or 70's though. Mine was given to me by my grandfather, and he won it from a radio station. I haven't been able to ID it yet though and have had it around for quite a while.

Good Luck.