hey guys. so im looking at getting a new guitar. i want something that can do all sorts of 80's rock and metal and some 70's rock. im looking for something that can give a heavier, crunchier distorted/overdriven sound, but will also sound good clean.

im looking at an import hamer standard and an ibanez rg350/370dx, and possibly a jackson dinky. i really like the hamer and the jackson, but the jackson is about 200 more than the other 2.

so basically which guitar is the best?
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Hamer necks and Ibanez necks are way different...you may want to try them out first.
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I've never played a Hamer... but they seem nice.

Out of the three either the Hamer or the Jackson.

But you might be able to get more of what you want out of the jackson.
Are you talking about the Hamer SATFs made in Indonesia? If so I have one and it's a brilliant guitar for the price, at some point you may want to change at least the neck pickup as it sounds a bit thin and cheap.
I'd say the low to mid range RG's would probably be pretty much on point with the Hamers. But the higher end RG's and Prestige's are probably better guitars imo. I would say forget about the Jackson.

What is your budget?