this is when I knew you were gone.
this is when I lost my heavy hand.
this is when I gave up giving up.
this is when I left leaves to be overturned by someone else’ feet.
this is me taking a turn for the word unknown to me.
this is the anticipated grasp of what I thought I knew.
this is the last of my first.
this is carving my ideals into my sleep.
this is where I sit after my stomach refuses to eat.
this is where the windows get colder.
this where young light grows dim and grows older.
this is where I pray I never walk this glass again.
this is where I write a new chapter one.
where I lose my heavy hand.

i sat along your front porch but you never came outside.
i am alive.
i am gone.
i am a silent film.
i am a violent flicker when your light goes dim.
i am a choir of hopeless whims.
i am the worst case scenario you hate reading about in the end.
i am the sun that left the sky for the last time.
i am a poet writing his last line.
i am the clock that mocks the emptiness of your room.
you are a rose that never bloomed.
i am the moon that was never blue.
you are a liar that is always true.
and my voice never resounds with the air near you.

Will gladly crit for crit.
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