ahh i mean hot rod as in change all the stuff on it. im gunna put sperzels, that prewired duncna pickguard, possibly a new trem, a graphtech nut, and some strap locks. im just iffy if everythign will fir right. since i now have a summer job im able to get my stuff i need and i dont want my money to go down the drain
I see. Well actually the vintage 6 point trem is pretty good if you ask me. Mine is set to float to I can pull or down. Everything stays in tune in real well. Wilkinson makes good stuff I just don't think that one is the right one. I did zero research on that link tho to be honest. I would think the new trem/bridge would have at least 2 if not all 6 screw holes.

Just about everything you mentioned are all good upgrades though.

here's mine:

I have strap locks just not on that pic. Graphite nut is probably my next step along with better neck SC.
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ahhh bro thanks alot. il just get that one meant for strat then and put some graphtech string holders things on it. now do u think sperzels and a new graphtech nut would fit on an mim strat? when i get around to finishing this guitar il post pics
all of those parts for a strat can be upgraded. just make sure everything will fit. There are detailed measurements on fender.com. Also, most of your big online dealers like Warmoth and Stewart McDonald will not steer you wrong as far what will fit and what won't. You may need to email them though as MIMs and MIAs are different.

stewmac.com is the other one along with GuitarFetish.com and some others.

There are better experts on here than I and also browse through GBnC
that wilkinson bridge will not fit your MIM strat, as 311 said 6screw bridges are good, just look for something with a big heavy brass or steel block, and you idea of graphtech saddles is a good one.
yeah that's not going to fit, it's 2-point and the mim bridges (on the standard, as far as i'm aware) are 6-point. wilkinson/gotoh does some 6-point trems, but whether they're a direct drop-in, I'm not sure.
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