This is a song I did, where if you exclude the drums, it's mostly just guitar, with some keyboard at the end.

It's one of the only songs I've ever done that actually features a guitar solo. It also has a keyboard solo, too. Everything written by me.


Hope you guys like it, feel free to rate it.
sorta slow for it to get backed up towards the beginning if you ask me. and the choice of drumming...

maybe guitar electronica isn't for me >_>
otherwise I can't properly comment on it. Maybe a cleaner and more tight bass hit, cause it's sounding sloppy on my end. The effects used on what I assume to be a heavily edited lead recorded, is pretty groovy to say the least. It just feels like the only thing really standing on its own in this whole mix is just the bass drum, I'm looking at my meters and all I'm seeing is that bottom bar hitting the roof while everything else is still stuck to the floor.

Care to check out mine? although it may not be your cup of tea to say the least XD