Im trying to decide between the boss rv-3, digital reverb and delay, or the boss re-20 space echo. I currently have a line-6 dl4, but cant stand it. I know that they are the best all around pedal, Ive had it for 3 years. I just hate the construction of them, and how quickly they wear down. Mine has been slowly deteriorating since the first time i used it. So, now I must get something new. I plan to own both of these pedals at some point, but was looking for a little input on which to get first.
Definently the Boss RV-3.

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What kinds of sounds are you looking for? The RE-20 is a great tape-echo simulation of the RE-201 and has the spring (AFAIK) reverb emulation of the same unit. The RV-3 does digital delays with some really nice sounding reverbs with the capability of doing some really huge verbs. The two are pretty different, what are you looking for exactly?


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[quote="'[BurnTheDusk"]']Boss pedals may be built like tanks but I would rather buy a cardboard box that is on my side than pay for a tank that is working against me.
check out the Line 6 Verbzilla, they're about $150 new. Same as the RV-3 used and RV-5 new. Youtube "Verbzilla octo mode".

just one option of many.