first of, if i break any and/or all rules with this, please close immediately. i also do not really see through the gaming thread, there being about 5 gazillion pages with people talking in no adjoined sense to each other (hey, at least it seems like this to me).

so, i plan on buying either a xbox 360 or a playstation 3 in the summer.
thing is, the ps3 is way more expensive (the xbox goes from 150 bucks to whatever price. the ps3 is at least 300). naturall, that would mean i get a xbox, because i'm a cheap-ass. but, i've put some money aside and more importantly, i've heard from various but not so reliable sources that the ps3 is better (xbox with red ring of death and whatnot).

i'd mostly like to play action games, and not really online.

can you recommend me one of those two? if you have the time, please give at least one good reason. post like "ololol xbxo is betttaa!!" are no use to me.

sincerely yours and thanks in advance
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Gaming thread. Nobody is expecting you to read through all the pages, just post your question there and we will reply. I have written a huge, objective guide to the 360 and PS3 in the first posts of the thread that cover the basics.
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inb4 Gaming Thread.

Think about what games you want to play.

What about games exclusive to each format, such as Halo or MGS?

They're both good consoles. Its all about which games you want.
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