Looking for a good practice amp and currently have my eyes on these 2 amps. I'm a beginner/intermediate player so just looking for an affordable but decent amp to practice on.

Laney wins it for looks but, Vypyr beats it in specs.

Which one of these do you recommend? Or can you recommend any other amps in this range?

Peavey Vypyr 30
Laney LG-35R
Honestly, nothing beats trying them out, but i'd go with the Laney, simple Treble Mids Bass EQ. Laney's have a very unique sound, it's just, diferent. EQ it nicely, add a tiny bit of reverb, and it'll sound wonders. I'd still wait for some other opinions though, someone might have tried them both and have a diferent idea.
Can't really tell without knowing what styles you play, though most likely the vypyr wins because of the effects it has, which are great to play around with instead of having to buy 5 individual pedals for another 300$. Also the Laney has some pretty miserable gain going on for what I've heard, or maybe they're just bad at dialling it in. Though I do not know how good the vypyr 30 is, but if it's anything like the 75 I'd say it's alright for hi-gain.
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The Vypyr is a great practice amp, although if it's just for practice and not jamming with a band/shows I'd just get the 15. The 30 will sound a bit better and be a bit louder due to being a higher wattage and having a larger speaker, producing more bass and more headroom, and the 30 also has the option of being connected to the Sanpera footswitch. There isn't a better modeler to be had in the price range (aside from the Vox Valvetronixes, which aren't 'better' per se, but they're in a similar class as the Vypyrs)

A used 30 costs about as much as a new 15, so that might be a deal worth getting. The 30 also has a few more options for recording than the 15, I think, so if you're interested in doing that as well, there you go...

The Laney is pretty much the same as any other cheap solid state in that price range, in other words only good as a practice amp, and a poor-sounding one at that.
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