Title says it all really.. Apart from the obvious of getting heavier strings I just need to know if I need to adjust the truss rod or anything else?

Thanks for the help!
Heavier strings, truss rod adjustment, trem reset and probably the nut recut, I'd reckon. There's going to be a lot of extra tension going on!

But yes. You're going to want 12s or 13s (reference to your high e string). The extra size will probably require the nut to be re-cut, adjustment to the truss rod, adjustment of action and intonation at the bridge, and additional bridge springs (at least 4, probably to 5) and tension (tightening down the springs).

But if you're down at B standard the actual tension on the guitar shouldn't be too awful just because you'll be tuned a fourth down... Everything will still need some adjustment though. I'd recommend having this kind of set up done by a shop or with the guidance of someone who knows what the f@!k they're doing.
I have the Trem blocked already so that's out of the way, I will be putting a set of 12s on so I will have to see how that goes with the nut and I kind of guessed the truss rod would need adjusting just wanted to check.

Edit: I was going to get a 7 String but I don't have enough money At the moment... But yeah if this is too much ****ing around I will probably save up for one.

Thanks for the help mate.
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I had my first crappy strat set up in B standard, and there was no problem whatsoever : no truss rod adjustment, no tremolo reset, nothing. Just buy a pack of 11-52 strings and you're OK.
How was the tension on the strings? I don't like my strings flapping around like a hookers c#nt