Morning everyone,

I've got a weird problem with either my amp, my guitar, or (most likely) me. Recently I've noticed that whenever I do pull-offs higher than the 12th fret on the high B and E strings, the note of the higher fret I'm pulling off from continues to ring and drown out the note I'm pulling off to. So I'm guessing it's either a problem with how the guitar is set up (action too low?), the amp (settings? Broken?), or maybe I just have bad technique. Any thoughts? Thanks!

Also, I should mention that this generally happens when pulling off between 2 frets which are relatively far apart, like from 19th to 15th; 16th to 15th isn't really a problem.
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Can't tell you exactly what it is, but I can try and give you some troubleshooting tips.

If its you: Do a very slow pull off. Play the note, wait a second then pull off. Check your technique, fingers and hand. Also listen to see if you're still having the same problem. Obviously, if while doing a slow pull off you're not hearing the same problem it's your technique.

Amps or guitar: I doubt it would be either of these to be honest. If either I think it would more likely be your amp. I dont THINK the guitar and the amp are really specific about vibrations.. Meaning, the guitar doesn't pick up a "E note" and send it through a certain path to the amp, and the amp doesnt take that note and send it out a certain way.. they just take any and all vibrations the same way, throught he same circuitry.. so I'd imagine you would hear your problem elsewhere on the guitar..

But because Im not 100% sure on how either work.. it'd still be REAL easy to test either. You can bring your guitar to friends house and check his amp, or go to a music store and test your guitar on their amps (they wont care, they'll just think you want to buy an amp that sounds best with your guitar) Also, you could do the same with your amp and try it with different guitars. Though.. it might be harder to go to a music store and ask to plug in your amp.
Is there a harmonic at the "higher fret" that is coming through when you pull off? Try fretting slightly higher up on the fret board to move away from the harmonic before you pull off.

I dunno, maybe I'm an idiot.
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