Specifically, the note at the 4th fret on the low E string is giving me trouble. I've been using my index and middle finger on the D and G strings (A5 chord), but then I don't know what would be effective/easy for the next few parts. How would you play this? Keep in mind it's played fairly quickly.
I would keep the little finger on the high e string and use your thumb on the bass notes, then use your index and middle fingers on the D & G strings respectively.

If you meant the chord positioning then i think i would use my little finger for the 4th fret notes, my index & middle finger for the A5 chords, then lift your index to the deeper 2nd fret note.
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First bar is Am pattern. Second bar use ring finger on the 4th fret of the low E and index on 2nd fret of G. Third bar is just index on 2nd fret of G. Fourth bar is index on 2nd fret of low E and middle finger on 2nd fret of G.
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