Can someone help me please?
If you have a couple of pedals, where do they all plug into?
What do people mean by infront of the amp, or in the effects loop?
Okay when they mean "infront of the amp" you signal chain would go like this:

Guitar -> Effects -> Preamplifier stage (inside the amp) -> Power amplifier stage (still in amp) -> speaker
All of your effects are being applied before the signal is fed into the amp. Notice the location of your effects before the preamp.

An effects loop allows effects to be applied after the preamp stage, making the following path.

Guitar -> Preamplifier stage -> effects -> power amplifier stage -> speaker

The effects loop is particularly useful for something like a delay because the signal is already going to be overdriven / dirty (if it is at all) so the delay will always output the same level of distortion. If you had the delay infront of your distortion/drive you would hear the initial attack be more distorted because the delayed parts of the signal are weaker and then sound different in relation to the rest of the signal. Of course, this only applies to a delay if the drive is occuring in the preamp stage and not a pedal, this is only an example of how effects loops can be good.

People also use EQ's in the effects loop to further shape sound. A lot of effects can go in either place but some work better some places than others.
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What do you do if you have a tuner pedal and an overdrive pedal?

And how do you "put it" in the effects loop or whatever haha.

Thanks for help though.
Tuner pedals go first, before everything else, then you can place the overdrive pedal. You want to put tuners first because they need to hear the unaltered signal in order to tune accurately.

Not every amp comes with an effects loop. If yours does, it will have 2 jacks that say something like "FX send" and "FX return" or something close to that.
"Experience is not what happens to you. It is what you do with what happens to you." - Aldous Huxley
In front means between the guitar and the amp. The effects loop is an insert point between the preamp and the power amp, usually two sockets on the back of the amp.
You need to run boosts and overdrive/distortions out front and the time based stuff like delay, reverb, chorus, flanger, etc is usually beter in the loop. This is not always correct. Effects Send is line level which id a lot more power than what comes out of the guitar. Most pedals can deal with line level ok and some effects units prefer it but some pedals work better at guitar levels.
If the pedals will work fine at both input levels here's the difference. I'll describe delay but it applies to the others too.
Out front the delay is repeating the clean guitar signal. That goes into the amp. As amp preamp distortion is proportional to input level each successive repeat will have progressively less distortion.
If you have the delay in the loop it is fed with a signal already distorted so each repeat will be the same with decreasing volume.
Effects loops are relatively new. Once upon a time we used to run everything out front.
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