I currently own a Peavey Valveking 112 and its about time for an amp upgrade (or something). I just dont get the tone i want now adays from it. I don't know really what it is, it just doesnt work with me.

So i'm looking at new amps and cant decide what to get. I've been thinking about getting a 6505+ combo but i also could just wait a few months and save up and get a triple rec off of craigslist (which is my dream amp...for now)

I've seen people selling them (triple rec + cab) on craigslist for like $2000 every once in awhile. But i dont know if i should make the jump to the top of my dream rig just yet.

What does everyone think??
I'm in a band that plays punk/progressive metal music. So i'm looking for a tone somewhat like A Day to Remember mixed with the tone of Periphery and Bullet for My Valentine (if thats possible??)

**Price range is $3000 tops
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6505 or the Dual Rectifier and boost if you want to spend a bit more.

If you want to be a bit different look into things like engl and rivera
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**Price range is $3000 tops

With that kind of budget, i think you should jump to your dream amp.
I say go for the used Triple Recto.
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