You have got to be joking

That is some of the worst playing i have ever seen
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Snatch is such a crude term - Use a better one like axe-wound or cave-opening.

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van heilen?

f***in FAIL

*points to the 10th fret*

uh diss numba 13

uh no..

i think im most upset by the fact that you own a guitar and spend time doing lame s**t like this with it.... you know they still make little plastic guitars for little kids right? you might be better suited there..
I dont know man, everything you do in life you have to be professional about it. Know what you're talking about. I just think ya should.. look more closely at yourself compared to some other instructional videos first.
My ear are bleeding

But really though, you can't just tap random notes and call it music
You need to go learn theory and think about what your playing first
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'Take your fingers-you've got your fingers right there, and put them around...13, note 13.'

haha =]