I'm getting an IBanez RG7321 this saturday and I'm a bit worried if it will play clean enough on my amp. I've tuned to a low A on my 6 string through a cheap Grunge box from DOD and seems to sound fine. Will there be any problems with a 7 string or is it all just the same?
Which amp?

I can't imagine there being any problems, seeing as amps aren't really specific to the number of strings you have, although some cheap POS might rattle on the bass end.
should sound better, tighter accually, because the string gauges are built for those tunings, and the pickups are built for lower registers
The pickups on that guitar are incredibly weak, just so you know
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7 string amplifier.....
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7 string amplifier.....

Why is that so funny? There probably is a company that makes a version of it's amplifier that's designed for seven string guitars. I don't see much point in it, since they work just fine, but there probably is someone who makes them anyway.
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I'm not asking for a specifically made amplifier for a 7 string, I'm just asking as said in the info,

You do realise that the A you tuned to on your six string is lower than the low B on a 7 string, right? So yeah, you should be more than fine.