Hi there, I'm going off to Uni soon, so am going to be needing a smaller amp for use in the dorms, however I don't know loads about them

So, could anyone recommend a decent small amp or multi fx pedal, preferably with a headphone output as well?

I play a lot of styles including deathcore stuff, but recently have gotten a lot into Post Rock stuff.

So far I've looked at the Line 6 POD X3 Live and the Blackstar HT-5. Any opinions on either of these?

My budget is about £500 maximum.

Does the HT-5 have a headphone socket?

Other good small tube amps are Vox AC4 (I bought this as my uni amp), Fender Champ 600, Epiphone Valve Junior.

They don't have headphone sockets though. Also the AC4 has a 10" speaker which is better than the 8"s in the other two IMO.
Yes, the HT-5 has a headphone socket. It also has a button to determine what kind of cab simulation you have. 1x12 or 4x12. The difference is the amount of bass that you hear, I always use the 4x12 setting, sounds surprisingly full, heavy and full of "oomph" through headphones
hey which uni you going too!? look into Boss ME-25 or the Blackstar HT 5, iid persnolly get the Blackstar.
I'm going to uni in a couple of months as well. I was thinking about buying a new small amp for the dorms. I tried a few out i tried a vox (can't remember what model), blackstar HT5, blackheart handsome devil and the orange tiny terror. But most of them were too loud for dorms despite the low wattage. And the ones that were quite enough just weren't worth the price imo. I suggest you just buy a multi effects unit with a headphone out, thats what i'm going to do.
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Funny, I just ordered the x3 live 2day... So ye if it was me I'd get the x3 live and probs a vox ac4tv, great little amps and you can change the output to I think it's 1/4 watts? Perfect for a dorm I would say