So I decided that even tho we've waited a long time to get the tickets, I didn't want to miss the Dream Theatre Iron Maiden tour this summer and was planning on catching them at Tinley park this sunday.
My question to you guys is if the few remaining 55/65 dollar seats are still worth it, or should we just get lawn tickets? I'm always bad with concerts like this, the websites never truly explain anything and it's hard to know what you're truly getting when you buy tickets.
seats are worth it the closer you can be to seeing DT up close the better it'll blow your mind. I've seen DT 3 times all in smaller venues and it's amazing the talent on that stage at the same time and to see maiden up close will be even cooler. Spring for the seats it'll sooo be worth it.
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DEFINITELY WORTH IT!!! I drove 13 hours from Atlanta to Dallas, Tx to see this tour last month and it was easily the greatest show I have EVER seen! I was all the way up front, in the pit too. Abut 5 ft from the stage. I still get a boner just thinking about that show...
Just saw Dream Theater/Iron Maiden last night at the First Niagra Pavilion in Pittsburgh last night. Great show....even though I didn't know alot of the songs. The encore was Hallowed be thy name and The Number of the Beast. I left after Notb to beat the traffic. I had a great time, great show...I drank more then I wanted though

Oh and I guess they were filming and some dude gave us two tickets for under the pav (we had lawn seats)....
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Alright, my friend and I somehow just magically found two tickets to the pit, which will be ****ing AWESOME!
I just don't think my friend is going to enjoy the moshing and stuff too much, so I hope there's a place that he might be able to set a little further back in.
Should be tight!
Peace out, fellow IM/DT fans