Hmm.. well.. I was really bored.. It could have been better.. But I hate it anyway so I tried to finish it as soon as possible.. (I added a Guitar Pro Rainbow for extra Happiness )

Critics are welcome and any help on how to make this happier are greatly appreciated

C4C, Thanks!
Naked Dancing Fairies [Theme for Imagined Movie].gp4
Naked Dancing Fairies [Theme for Imagined Movie].gp5
Naked Dancing Fairies [Theme for Imagined Movie].mid
The word naked caught my eye...

I thought this was some kind of fairy pr0nz.

It's not bad, if you're into that kinda thing.

Sounds like something my old English teacher would listen to.

(But could also easily be made into a happy thrash song.)
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You should be knocking on SEGA's door!!!

That "Worst Transition" isn't as bad as you make out but, yeah the sudden disappearance of almost every instrument does seem a little hmm... funny, not too bad in the context of the music. The rest I liked, although slight alterations here and there could make it better, It's solid as it is, albeit in its own special way.

You need to make a recording of this with sampling of Mario's and Sonic's voices in the background, jk.
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This had me smiling all the way through because it was hilariously good, sort of like a happy metal twist on some sort of Tele Tubby music

Honestly, I can't fault this apart from the repetitive chord progression, if you enjoy writing stuff like this and normally churn out epics like this, I really think you should send it into some kids shows, this is quality stuff, man!

Haha I'm actually really impressed, it shows that you have the ability to write music in a variety of different styles, good work dude!
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Thanks for the replies guys! I still can't believe some of you liked it.. In my opinion it's total crap but whatever. :P I don't think I'm ever gonna write something like this again, except if I'm really bored again. xD I might change the second B2 Part for less repetition.

Anyway, thanks again and if anyone got suggestions to make this the most gay possible (and by gay I mean happy of course :P) write it out I'd be really grateful

Also, if anyone wants C4C, post a link