I'm considering the CA Tube Sound Fuzz (which uses a CD4049 IC), any suggestions or reviews of this certain model?

--I'm new at building homemade pedals, any recommendations for good parts in which I can get the best sound out of a homemade fuzz pedal--
Remember, I'm an amateur at this, and this is my first time, so relatively simple suggestions would be preferred
from what i hear the tube sound fuzz is more of an overdrive/distortion. If you want a fuzz, go for the tried-and-true fuzz face. super easy build and great sounding if you get the right transistor gains.

Anderton is well-known for calling most (or all) of his pedals Fuzz regardless of if they are OD, distortion, or actually fuzz.
thanks, I was also trying to look into Fuzz Face's but the accessibility wasn't as easy as finding the anderton, but definitely worth the time I suppose
I agree with Invader Jim. Start with a silicon fuzz face. There are hundreds of schematics and layouts for them. There are also tons of sound clips so you can hear before you build.

Silicon Fuzz Face Schematics

Then click "Images" in the upper left corner and you will get a ton of schematics and layouts.
the other guys seemed to have covered the fuzz pedal. but if you want to try another simple project look up the SHO or Super-hard-on. its another super simple beginner project. its a boost of sorts. and a pretty nice one at that.
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good idea conor, boosters are a great first project, try an A/B box too to help learn good wiring techniques