That's a sweet guitar, more pics and a better review to keep the mods away and I'll love you forever


Thats aweful purdy, i love black and white guitars, HNGD!
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we need clips. HNGD!

Of course, no offence meant to anyone, but clips are usually a bit of noodling through some patches or settings the player likes or deems 'not too bad', and usually with piss poor audio quality as well. No clips are as good as any, until I can hear a guitar with my own ears.

Moar pics!!! (...and specs)
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we need clips. HNGD!

yeah except that would have a 70% chance of hearing master of puppets, 90% when u realize its a great guitar for metal, and 95% when u see that he aint working for guitar world or anything like that
Post a review or it'll get closed
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Haha, owned!
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Thanks guys its a great guitar so far

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I like the guitar as its much lighter than my epi les paul and as mentioned above the unfinished neck is amazingly smooth and lets your thumb almost glide. Not to great with cleans with the dark sound but I fixed that by raising the pickups and brightening the guitar up. The strings are a bit too high along with a bit of fret buzz on the low E string but that will be fixed with a proper setup. 24 frets and the cutaway makes it easier for your fingers to get to the lower frets. There is no pickguard.

As for the music, there wont be any metallica. The tunes out of this "metal guitar" is gonna be all bob marley and sublime and 311
Great, HNGD!
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That was the exact model I had for my first electric. It's got the wizard 2 ultra thin neck and emg-designed ibz pickups. Keeps a tune very well, versatile as hell, very solid. Lasted me for 5 years before I ended up selling it after I upgraded.
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