My Laney has so many problems i'v decided to give up on it and buy something else.

I play blues, classic rock, rock, hendrix, guns n roses, motley crue, red hot chilli peppers, muse etc

I gig so it needs to be worthy of it.

I like my powerful clean sound and I enjoy using fuzz so overdrive/distortion is not essential although would be preffered.

I'm looking to spend around £200-£300 and WILL go used for sure.

This needs to be a RELIABLE amp that won't cost me in the long run like my laney.

Thanks, Luke.
how about the orange crush???? it's solid state but sounds really nice
the thing is that to buy tube amp that you can gig with you'll need more money
Quote by crohno
the thing is that to buy tube amp that you can gig with you'll need more money

I don't agree with this. List of small wattage tube amps that you can easily gig with (all within his price range...):

Vox Night Train (own one, love it)
Egnater Tweaker (tried one, love it more than my Vox, seriously considering swapping)
Fender Blues Deluxe (there are a few other lower-wattage Fender Tube amps worth checking out as well, but keep in mind Fenders are generally only good for a clean tone. Their distortion channels usually suck)
Orange Tiny Terror
Blackstar HT-5
Jet City 333

These are only ones I could come up with off the top of my head. I HIGHLY recommend the Egnater Tweaker.


Check it out.
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Egnater Tweaker

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sickkkk nice suggestions!

Yeah I know I should really just pay out to sort it all...but I think its the speaker and thats like £80 just for a nice one before fitting it.

And it feels like it'll just crap out again even if I do a speaker change :\
jet city jca120. i bought one when my splawn was in the shop and i didnt really miss my splawn once i broke in the jet city....granted i havent touched my jet city since my splawn ncame back

but regardless go for the jet city

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