I bought a strat copy?(maybe a fender or squire) from a pawn shop for 40$ about two years ago and I sanded it(horribly) and painted it from some camouflage that was done with acrylic paint, and my old neck got warped in a car. I swapped the necks and I want to start a project with the other body, but it kind of feels weird I need some tips on what to do. I had to drill holes for the Fender Tuners on the headstock.

I want customize the other Body.

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I don't know what equipment/tools you have, but you can spray paint at home and do a good job on a fairly small budget. I have a friend who used to spray cars for a living, he now plays guitar and he has custom painted 2 of my old guitars and they look as good as any professional/factory made guitar

Go to a local car spray shop and buy the colours you need in cans (they will mix any colour combination you like if you tell them what you want), and you'll also need the clear to spray over the top too to set the finish.

It's good to paint the neck and headstock too; one of my old guitars has a black matt finish on the back of the neck, and my own logo on the headstock, making it look like a really expensive guitar!

The main thing is to have fun with this and enjoy experiment round....I myself am not an expert on customising guitars, but I know what's possible at home on a budget because of what my friend has done with my guitars! You really can make a cheapo guitar into something top-end looking (and sounding if you change the pickups and mess about with the setup).....of course it helps if you're a good guitarist too :-)
I'm not trying to paint anything. I'm trying to get the neck just right on the fender body.
what do you mean when you say it feels a little weird? thats kinda not really telling me whats wrong. perhaps the pocket is too shallow for the neck? i dont really know. thats my problem with my new neck. im probably just going to sand the heel of the neck down a bit to make it fit better.