Hey, novice guitarist here.

I've today been asked to play for 10 minutes during the interval my school's production (I work there, so not my school, just my school.)

There will be another member of staff singing to what I'm playing but I need some suggestions of songs to play. I'm looking for rock and roll stuff that fits in with the Grease theme, so I'm thinking 50's and early 60's American rock and roll.

Any help?

Thanks in advance, and this is to be performed on Tuesday by the way, so time is of the essence.
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Johnny B. Goode?

A great song, but and I don't know how to play it and doubt I can get Johnny B. Goode to a public performance standard in only a few days.
Wow, you haven't thought of anything to play yet? Man, sorry to say, but you're basically screwed.
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