Hey people what's up? So, I have a roland micro cube guitar amplifier and I was thinking of getting a Orange Crush 12L or the Orange Crush 20L . So in your opinion, you think i should replace my Roland for the Orange ? And which one of them? My roland has a few effects and different kinds of distortion but lacks a decent EQ controler. So what's your opinion?
Thanks in advance
the roland is miles better, keep it, if you're after a better amp you might want to look at the peavey vypyr 30, vox vt30 or roland cube 30x
really? i wasn't expecting that.. besidesit's a more powerful amp. but i'll have to actually try the amp. Why do you think the roland is better?
Quote by Nelv92
probably because of it's price...

and the fact it got a makeover not long ago, and guitar center are saying it's a tube amp