I play blues-rock (though towards the blues end of he spectrum)

Current setup

Fender Lone-star strat (Mexican with pearly gates bucker in the bridge (series/paralleled switchable))

Fender Blues Deluxe

Effects front
Boss TU-2
Crybaby w/fasel

Boss Chorus ensemble

I am looking to add a delay pedal and a boutiquey boost pedal for solos.

Here is the list of the pedals i have considered (My budget is just under £150 for each pedal)

Boss DD-7
Boss DD-3 (i have hear the pre 2001 versions sound much better due to semi-analogue circuitry)
Vox Time Machine (Satch sig)
EHX Memory Boy
MXR Carbon Copy

I am looking for an Eric Johnson/ Joe Bonnamassa esque delay and don't really care for any crazy features; "experimental sounds" etc.

Carl Martin Boost Kick
" " Hot Drive n Boost mkIII
TC electronics classic booster
Rothwell F1 Booster
" " Atomic booster

Any opinions or suggestions?
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For delay, get a malekko 616. The DELUXE memory boy is also a great deal.

For boost, catalinbread super chili picoso.

Cant' seem to find those pedals in the UK
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Cant' seem to find those pedals in the UK

The 616 is by far the best delay in your price range imo


Thats my local guitar shop, i know it doesn't look the most professional web site of all time but i know the guy who owns it and he is always good with delivery and stuff, so theres don't worry about ordering from there.
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how does the maleko compare to EHX memory man XO, memory boy or MXR Carbon copy
Well, the DMM is one of the best analog delays on the market. I don't like the Carbon Copy at all, way too dark, haven't played the Memory Boy. I'd get a 616 over a Memory Boy or Carbon Copy, but I'd get a DMM over a 616
do you know if the DMM XO version is as good tonally as the original huge one