Hi there,
I've recently got some sampling software, magix 16, and whilst it's probably not the best software or industry standard, its pretty easy to use with lots of different samples and extra features.

But now I need help with 2 things:

1) I am planning to write music to play alongside my guitar and vocals when performing live, all done through software. Drum loops, piano phrases, synths, anything like that really. Now I need some advice on what to get next. I really want a keyboard with a large database of sounds - mainly synths rather than lots of different pianos or organs. I want to be able to record this through usb straight into my software. I am a student so i'm working on a budget.

Has anyone got ideas which keyboard/workstation I should invest in?

2) Whilst this software is doing me for now, and i have over 6000 samples in the database which is keeping me busy, is there any other easy-to-use software that might come with a bigger sample database, or more sounds that I can apply to the keyboard recordings I plan on doing?

Much appreciated!
I can't provide any help for your first problem, but I can suggest a few programs for your second. If you haven't heard of it, Cubase is a large industry standard as far as DAWs go, but is pretty pricey, so it depends on how large your mentioned budget is (and whether you are willing to give up a few meals for a piece of software).
Second, you could try Mixcraft for Windows or GarageBand for iMac (they're pretty similar, but may not have the extensive sample library you are looking for).
Lastly, you could give EnergyXt a shot. It doesn't have many samples, but there are tons of free VST plugins it can use, and it is pretty cheap.

That about sums up the help I can provide, but if I were you, I would stick to Magix, because from what I've seem of it, it seems powerful enough to meet all of your needs.
Thanks CarltonBoy! Yeh one of my good friends who's studying to become a producer used to use cubase in his home studio to create synths etc. I might download a trial first if its available to see what I can come up with. Is there a way of transferring the samples from cubase into magix if i find the user interface to difficult?