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I just realised I haven't read a tab in about 2 years. And yet I go here every day. Why the hell do I still come here?
Right now.
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Ten minutes ago.
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Does guitar pro count?

Maybe a month ago.
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a couple times a week for me
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Awhile. I find most tabs on here are either minimalist or incomplete so I usually just check them out to get the idea of what chords and patterns a song has and figure it out.
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I've not read ANY tab for about 2 or so years. I read sheet music so I HATE reading tab if I can avoid it.

Plus, I can sight-read sheet music.
a few hours ago, I've been asked to play on a song that's being recorded
I was looking for a Renfue - Redemption tab a few minutes ago. But they didn't have it
Probably yesterday I think
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If guitar pro counts then today, if not then like 2/3 years ago lol
Maybe a few days ago, but before that it may have been at least a couple months.

The only reason I'm still here is because of MT.
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I read tabs all the time. Despite being able to sight read I pretty much only do when I'm playing piano. For guitar it is just so much faster to find a tab than get the sheet music usually.
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About two minutes ago, if you count writing ideas down in tab so I don't forget them. Other wise it's a week or two ago.
It's been awhile. I'm reading off of sheet music now for my jazz band and whenever I actually want to learn a popular song I just figure it out by ear.
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It's been months since I've used an actual tab without the score and rhythms.
I stick to tuxguitar/guitarpro tabs now.
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If, like said before, Guitar Pro counts, then pretty much every day.

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I was going through some old GP tabs a couple of days ago. Haven't downloaded any new ones this year, though.
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I hate using tabs. I always try my best to work the song out by ear first. If that doesn't work, I'll watch a video and try figure it out like that, if that doesn't work I'll use tab. I always feel like I've failed if I use tab. All the amazing guitarists didn't have tab books or internet when they started out so I'm trying to use it as little as possible.
One of the things that actually stopped me from picking guitar as a main instrument. I could already read music by the time I decided to learn to play something and whilst nearly all instruments other than guitar have sheet music, guitar does not unless you learn classical. So I ended up going with my favorite instrument, bass.
This morning for the first time in about two months.
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