Hey guys,

I have 3 gigs this weekend, each of which is 2 - 4 hours long. I normally have pretty good callouses. However, yesterday after washing dishes, I practiced for a few hours and I actually tore the skin off my middle finger accidently. It's pretty painful to play, even to type this, so I am taking today off from practicing. I was wondering, if anyone had any idea of what I could do to make it through these gigs as painless as possible. I've thought about crazy glue in my finger, even tape.

Let me know what you think.

tony iommi used a plastic bottle and wrapped it in leather, before he got custom fingertips made
Wrap a bandaid over it vertically, then wrap another bandaid around the tip in a circle. Worked for me a few months ago.

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They have whats called "liquid skin" at most drug stores. You paint it over an open wound and it acts as a barrier. It may be worth a shot - it would be the same as glue, only... well it's actually meant to be put on your skin.
That new skin bandaid stuff.Its like a liquid bandaid and after it dries it feels pretty hard that might work

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I'm not sure about that new skin stuff. It's an antiseptic and a bandage all in one. It'll cover the wound, but I don't think it'll make playing anymore painless.
With the above, you shoould let your hands dry before you play.
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This advice is far too late, but invest in a pair of gloves for dishwashing (you can find them near the sponges at the supermarket). Hot water and calluses make not a good pair.
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Wrap a bandaid over it vertically, then wrap another bandaid around the tip in a circle. Worked for me a few months ago.

This works really well, it makes sliding easier as well. It's like constant finger ease.
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Hey guys!

Thanks for the help. My finger is feeling better today but it will probably hurt after the set. My game plan is to try to use a bandaid for as much as I can.

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SRV used crazy glue.

lol this is what i was going to say it works man