Hi, I just wanted to ask if it is true that I need to have a 3 way switch in my guitar in order to change my passive pickups for a pair of active EMG 85/81.

If so how do I change the pickups on my RG321mh, which has a 5 way switch with INF pickups, and single coil tapping.

Will it be better to customize the guitar or to buy another one.

Oh and is it possible to keep my INF3 passive pickup on the guitar along with an EMG 85 on the bridge. INF has a great clean tone that I would not like to lose. What do I have to do to get that setup.
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I'm not an expert but the ibanez 5 way splits the Humbucker pup into a single coil ... Don't know if that can be done with EMG's though,put in a regular 3 way and itll be fine
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yeah they do make a splittable 81 and prolly a splittable 85. not up on EMG stuff though. i was assuming you already had the pups.

the 85 isnt splittable but emg does make a similar sounding pup in the 89 that is splittable.
thx for mentioning the emg89, but is it possible to put that pickup on the bridge with my INF3 passive pickup on the neck. heres a link to the guitars info and the 5 way pickup selector it has:


Is it possible to mix them without changing the selector. And what about the battery and the wiring.