I'm looking for Floyd Rose help. I'm new to trems and don't know all of the different models. I'm working on this little project guitar and it's coming together pretty well. The trem is one thing I'm missing

Is this this right arm??
Should it be the Floyd Rose one or the Double Locking trem one??

StewMac Trem Arms

This is the guitar:

Jackson Pic 1
Jackson Pic 2
Jackson Pic 3
Jackson Pic 4

Any thoughts?
I'd say that anything that's titled "Floyd Rose Trem Arm" will work on any Original or licensed Floyd Rose system. They have the wide kind of socket, so the arm will need to have the screw-thingy, which the arm you linked does have. Just be sure not to get a "straight" arm like the ones on Ibanez's Edge trems or the standard-style strat-like trem. It'll need the screw.

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