Hi everybody, just had a question about my setup to be. I used to have a crappy marshall 250 dfx combo amp. i say used to becuase the head on it died and i didnt have a waranty. so for the past cppl years its just been sitting there. i recently bought a used peavey valveking 100 head for $400 was that good deal?... anywho i plan on buying a cab for it in the future, but for the time being i was going to hook it up to my old marshall 250 dfx's speakers. problem is im not sure what the impedence the two speakers would be if used them together. the valveking has three settings: 16, 8, and 4 Ohms. The head for the dfx has two speaker outputs it says no less than 8 Ohms on each output. So from this i assumed that each speaker is 8 Ohms. I guess what im asking is when i plug the two speakers into the valveking head should i set it at 4 Ohms? <-- did some searching online and that is what i think, but just wanted to verify with some more knowledable folks. Thanks for any help.
thats the question im trying to ask; what is the impedence on the cab? It is a 2x12 from a combo amp where the head on it is broken. The inputs on the broken head to the combo said 8ohm each so when i connect each speaker to the head what will the total impedence be? i play rock and metal in chicago