Hi, I've been building guitar pedals for myself and friends for a while now, but I was just wondering if anoyone knows of a website (that ships to uk) where I could find a metal enclosure which would fit more than one pedal in it.

Maybe something like; 200x110x35mm or something similar.

go to B&Q and get a sheet of aluminium or whatever and some spray paint then go to maplin or something and buy a soldering iron. build one, then get the stomp toggles from axesrus.com (£4.50 each with free postage) and you're sorted. not only is it the size you want, but also if you wanna change the shape or whatever. it's properly custom then!
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get a pedalboard or a metal box

Yeah, im asking where I could get one.

Maybe I worded it wrong, I want to take out all the electronics from all my pedals and shove them all into one enclosure. I dont want to have seperate pedals, I want one big one.