well guys,

i'm still on the search for a strat or tele like guitar. Tomorrow i'll be going to the musicstore in germany! so i'll need some ideas and oppinions quickly!

more specific:
budget: 600€ - 680 $
-single coil pickups (or in combination with a humbucker)
-tele or strat style
-able to buy it from http://www.musicstore.de/de_DE/EUR
- i play all kinds of music from punk to classic rock to blues (not metal!)

i'm also searching for the guitar that has the most decent quality and pickups

thanks in advance!!

(sorry for the bad english!)
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Fender MIM Strats and Teles sell for about $600-650 here in Canada, and they're...well...Fender-made Strats and Teles. XD They're not as good as the American Fenders, which sell for $1100 here, but they're definitely much better than the Squiers, and I've played everything from Led Zeppelin to CCR to speed metal on one and it held up fine.
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I have it and it's awesome. It's an upper-quality MIM, a lot closer to American quality than most. You get the Tele tones, with the Strat versatility. It's perfect for the range of tones you're looking for.
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Not sure what that currency converts to but I know that MIM and MIA Strats and Teles are both great. You can't go wrong. The Standards, Highway ones, all of them are great.
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