As the title states.

I found a Schecter C-1 Artist II for a really good price used ($300, they retailed for about $600). I almost have enough money for it, but my only concern is the JB.

I've heard that the JB is flexible, but doesn't handle drop tunings well. My band plays between Drop D and Drop C mostly, so I'd need a pickup that handles these lower tunings well.

Amp is in the signature, along with the guitar I have been saving for.

I've heard (Flibble.) that it gets really muddy pretty quickly, even in drop D... I just want to make sure.
my schecter has a jb, and i have a somwhat muddy amp (ive EQed it well, so its more bassy than muddy now), sounds fine in drop d, even tho i do keep it in E, and i use my morpheus for droptunes, but that is cuz my schecter has a floyd rose, my freind has a jb in his esp and he uses all sorts of drops tunings on it, cuz all his other guitars have floyds/kahlers and it sounds fine aswell
Alright. I suppose even if it did get a little muddy I could EQ my amp differently and change the pickup height

I'll have two guitars, and my Dean handles low tunings really well, surprisingly. Worst case scenario, I use the Schecter for Drop D and the Dean for lower, right?
also i would recommend getting much more familiar with the tone knob, the jb is very trebly, and if u dial back the tone, when you get to leads, roll the tone to lets say 10, and you will get a very lead like sound, i dont even use my amps built in treble/gain boost

EDIT: here a kinda crappy vid of jb in b tuning http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sieXZgA4ihk only then i think it gets muddy
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I just ordered the guitar, very excited. Luckily it was a condition 2, so if I don't like it I can return it.

Thanks Himelnator!