So my high e broke on my acoustic but i just replaced my strings. I have an extra high e string but it doesn't have that bead on the end of it but it is the correct length. Is there any way to use it? Any advice would help. Thank you I really wanna get back to neutral milk hotel jammin ;D
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Is it a steel string with the ball missing or a plain end nylon string?
Just to to a guitar store and buy a single high E string. They're usually only a buck or so. Why waste your time messing around with a string that doesn't have the ball attached to it?
You could conceivably put a ball end on; the wrapping is not that difficult if you have some fine wrapping wire.... Still, as Lefty points out...Single strings are dead cheap.
well you can find a bead wrap the string around and twist it then solder the twist to keep it secure. done!! ive done it myself many times and its actually more secure because of the solder. now i solder the high e from now and on.